About Inner Balance Massage

Anna Holland launched Inner Balance Massage, LLC, in July of 2014. She received her diploma in Massage Therapy from the Massage Therapy Program at Minnesota School of Business-Rochester.

Anna’s path toward becoming a massage therapist and business owner started when she visited a chiropractor for the first time at age eleven. She was having really bad pain in her left knee caused by subluxations in her spine.

She underwent treatment for her knee pain for several years, and a couple years ago, started seeing a massage therapist twice a month in addition to her chiropractic appointments. She noticed immediately that the adjustments from the chiropractor lasted longer if she received a massage along with them.

“I started taking an interest in massage because I could tell that it made a difference for me.” 

At Inner Balance Massage, Anna offers many of the modalities she learned at MSB, including Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, sports and Thai massage.

"I love helping other people feel their best!”

"I love helping other people feel their best!”

“I truly care about my clients and I do my best to make sure every single one of them knows that. I try to really listen to their concerns so that I can give them the best care I can possibly give them. If you have never received a massage, I suggest you give it a try. It’s a wonderful experience and a great stress reliever.”