My Mission

My mission is to provide a calming and therapeutic environment for my clients with the benefits of good health through massage therapy. To give the best possible therapeutic care to everyone in an ethical, moral, and professional manner.

Experience the benefits of massage.

“I highly recommend Anna for a healing and relaxing massage!"

"Every time I visit Anna for a massage, she begins by asking me how I am feeling and wants to know if I have any new issues that need to be worked. She will ask me a couple of times throughout the massage if the pressure is okay and moves very methodically throughout the massage. She is gentle and caring, yet applies the right amount of firmness I need in the areas that are troubling me. When I first started seeing Anna, I was having a lot of pain in both of my piriformis muscles and the sub scapula under my right shoulder. I had been experiencing pain for several months, but after only 3-4 massages the shoulder issue is nearly resolved and the piriformis muscles are pain free.”

- Cindy Mennenga